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Founded in 1998, Aerodry Group is a leading manufacturer having modern infrastructure for manufacturing advanced Plastics Auxiliary equipment and Automation Solutions such as raw material handling, conveying, drying, dosing and blending, loss in weight extrusion process control, mould temperature controllers, water chilling plants and complete turnkey process automation solutions. Aerodry’s Plastics Auxiliary Equipment and system solutions are widely used for Polymer and Plastic processing in various industry segment applications i.e., automotive, white goods, medical plastics, rigid and flexible packaging films sheets, woven and non-woven extrusion, consumer durables, toys, consumer health care products, compounding and PET recycling etc.

Dosing & Mixing Solutions

Aerodry offers a wide range of dosing and mixing solutions including gravimetric as well as volumetric dosing and mixing units. We provide a full range of solutions for various industry segments i.e., injection moulding, extrusion, and blow moulding to ensure precise and accurate dosing and mixing of expensive masterbatches and other ingredients for quality plastic processing without manmade errors. Our solutions have cutting-edge technology as per European standards with end-to-end software for complete production data management and operations. Systems are compatible with small as well as large extrusion/blow/injection moulding machines.

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Conveying Solutions

Aerodry offers wide range of material handling and conveying solutions that are specifically designed & manufactured to suit the tough industrial conditions for transferring and conveying of bulk plastic materials from raw material receipt area to various processing machines. The range includes loaders, cyclones, blowers, day bins, controls and a whole range or related accessories. The solutions range from stand-alone material loaders to centralized integrated material handling systems for multiple machines. These automatic conveying systems are designed to optimize material flow, improve productivity and reduce wastage in terms of material, time and manpower use.

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Drying Solutions

Preheating and drying are an essential prerequisite for defect-free plastic processing across various plastic processing applications. Generally dehumidifying dryers are used for hygroscopic materials that have intrinsic moisture in the polymer chain. Whereas the hot-air dryers are used for preheating and drying of, no hygroscopic materials that have surficial moisture. Aerodry offers a wide range of technologies that best meet the different drying requirements of various applications in extrusion, injection moulding, blow moulding compounding and recycling. Our range of solutions includes Hopper Dryers, Dehumidifying dryers, Compressed air dryers, standalone unit equipment for local machines as well as central system solutions for a large number of machines.

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Crystallising Solutions

Aerodry offers bulk solid Crystallisers for crystallisation of various plastic materials such as PET which requires crystallisation from amorphous stage to crystalline form. Crystallisers are an integral part of PET recycling as well as various applications such as monofilament, technical textile, PET compounding & recycling. Recycling is becoming more and more important considering the environment and the ever-increasing cost of raw materials. Crystalliser is essential equipment for processing of amorphous raw materials. By using a crystalliser one can ensure smooth processing avoiding frequent breakdowns and filter choking of the main machine. Aerodry offers a wide range of crystallisers starting from small standalone units to centralised systems. Systems are equipped with the latest technologies to ensure uninterrupted uniform crystallisation of the material for further processing in the Extrusion, injection, and blow moulding process.

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Heating & Cooling Solutions

Temperature control is very critical for defect-free plastic processing. Aerodry manufactures chillers and mould temperature controllers required for various applications in the plastic processing industry. Some plastic materials require instant cooling at a certain temperature where chillers are used. Thermoregulators are used to maintain a specific temperature of the mould/rollers during the moulding and extrusion process to ensure defect-free quality end product.

Our range of chillers includes standalone units as well as centralized plants for a number of machines. The mould temperature controllers range includes water-based as well as oil-based units. All our systems are conforming to European Technology Standards.

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Extrusion Process Control Solutions

Aerodry offers an extrusion process control solution based on the weight-in-loss principle. These solutions are widely used for blend control in co-extrusion, blow moulding, pipe extrusion for controlling the weight per meter and self-corrective blend feeling through control of extruder haul-off. The incorporation of extrusion process control ensures consistency in the quality of the end product and substantial cost-saving.

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Industry 4.0 Turnkey Automation

Aerodry offers complete turnkey solutions for standalone units as well as centralized systems. The range includes main auxiliary equipment such as raw material handling , conveying, drying, dosing and blending, loss in weight extrusion process control , mold temperature controllers, water chilling plants and complete turnkey process automation solutions, supported by complete range of automation accessories including debagging station, raw material silos, selection table, vacuum takeoff box, central blower station, day bins, raw material cyclone and central control station.

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Process Automation Solutions for a wide range of Industry Applications

Aerodry has extensive experience in all major polymer processing technologies i.e., Injection Moulding, Blow Moulding, Extrusion, Compounding & Recycling. Used for the production of plastic parts and assemblies for almost all industry segments like Infrastructure, Automotive, White Goods, Flexible and rigid Packaging, Electronics, Compounding, Medical, Compounding & Recycling etc. Aerodry offers a comprehensive range of solutions that are best suited to the specific needs of the given application and industry.

About Us

Aerodry Group is a globally recognised enterprise offering technologically advanced Auxiliary Equipment & system solutions for polymer and plastics processing industry applications. Group since founded in 1998, have grown as a major brand globally. Headquartered in Noida (New Delhi NCR) we have a modern manufacturing facility equipped with the latest plant & machinery to ensure high quality products with consistency.

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The company has worldwide operations through its valued distributors, and direct support in the Middle East, South East Asia, Africa and the Far East Region with a team of over 100 people committed to provide total customer satisfaction.


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