Dosing & Mixing Solutions

Aerodry offers a wide range of dosing and mixing solutions including gravimetric as well as volumetric dosing and mixing units. We provide a full range of solutions for various industry segments i.e., injection moulding, extrusion, and blow moulding to ensure precise and accurate dosing and mixing of expensive masterbatches and other ingredients for quality plastic processing without manmade errors. Our solutions have cutting-edge technology as per European standards with end-to-end software for complete production data management and operations. Systems are compatible with small as well as large extrusion/blow/injection moulding machines.


ADU Series

ADU Series

ADU Series Dosing & blending units ensure precise and accurate dosing, blending of masterbatches in granular/pellet form for plastic processing, thus maintaining uniformity of color as well as reground. These units are fully automatic with features of synchronisation with main extruder, injection moulding machine.

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